My Sister Jodie: Review

One of my most favourite authors ever is Jacqueline Wilson. I haven’t really read that many of her books since I started secondary school, but the other day I picked up some of my faves and had a skim through. I suddenly remembered why I loved her so much, she writes in such an engaging way. The stories and characters are ones that every young girl can relate to.

One of her best books for me is ‘My Sister Jodie’. It is so emotional, especially towards the end.

The story is so good. Jodie and Pearl are sisters and the best of friends. One day their parents reveal that they are moving to Melchester College, because their mum got a job as the cook and their dad as the caretaker. It is a huge boarding school in the middle of the countryside. Pearl immediately befriends Harley, a boy older than her with a love for badgers. But Jodie is badly behaved doesn’t fit in with all the posh, clever kids. One cold bonfire night, something tragic happens that ruins their family… But is there light at the end of the tunnel for Pearl and her parents?

This is definitely one of my favourite books ever….Read it!



Loccitane Christmas haul


This Christmas, I was lucky enough to recieve a HUGE amount of Loccitane things frrom my amazing Grandma! The scent of all the products is jasmin and bergamote, and it smells so good! Here is a list of what I got:

  • Hand cream
  • Foot cream
  • Nail files
  • mini Eau de toiette
  • Shower gel
  • Body milk
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner

School beauty Essentials

Only a few months ago, school started again and I thought my readers may be interested in seeing my beauty essentials. I literally wouldn’t be caught anywhere in school without these things! Take a peep inside the bag of treasures…


My first must-have is the Collection clear mascara. I love drugstores, but when I walk into one I never really know where to start. Clear mascara is a great product to buy if you’re only just starting your makeup collection. I’m a real goody two shoes at school, so I wouldn’t dare wear black mascara!

The next essentials are my two Baby Lips. One is the ‘hydrate’ and the other is ‘Cherry Me’. The cherry one is great for a bit of subtle colour, the teachers won’t even notice! I love to carry a Baby Lips or two wherever I go, because they’re just such a cute design!

Another of my make up bag products is the Natural Collection Caramel Shortcake lip gloss. I’ll admit, even though this is in my school make up bag I don’t actually wear it that much.

Who doesn’t have a hairbruush in their bag? I’ve got one! My hair is shorter than shoulder length, but it can be quite annoying. This is especially so on windy and rainy days. My hair goes wild, and I need to tame it so that I don’t look like a total idiot!

I also have a compact mirror, which is definitely a must. I haven’t got the skills to put on my mascara without a mirror. I did try once, but I poked myself in the eye – not good!

So you now have some idea of what beauty products you can take to school…

See you next time, my littleĀ  raspberry chessecakes!


‘The Glass Bird Girl’ review

In the past few weeks I haven’t really had much time to sit down and read. Yesteray evening I decided to pick up my book and read a few chapters – well, I told myself that I would read a few chapters, but it never works out like that! It was at the point where the story was at the climax, and it was totally unputdownable…

So I carried on reading into the night and eventually reached the end. It was actually a really good book.

That book was in fact called ‘The Glass Bird Girl’. So much for ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, because the only reason I picked it up in the library was because of the pretty cover.

At first I found it hard to get into. I’m glad I kept going, because it could quite possibly be one of my favourite books! The main characters were Edie, an orphan and Anastasia, a Russian princess. Both the girls had quite complicated and difficult family lives. They met at Knight’s Haddon, a boarding school. Anastasia had no idea that Edie was part of an elaborate plan to protect her. The story is all about Edie trying to find out who is victimising the princess, and it has a surprising ending…

Don’t worry, I won’t spoil too much. I’m not that mean!